Free Consultation

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and offer a free 25-minute consultation.

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We will work together towards your goals. Expect to achieve more balance, resiliency, confidence & fulfillment.

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About Me

What makes me tick? Learning, Laughter and this thing called Life. Learn about what I have been doing.

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Individuals / Couples

We are designed to connect with others! To share, learn & discover insight into dealing with our life struggles. I look forward to talking with you.

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Teen Counselling

I hear you. Being a teen can be tough. You can be yourself exactly the way you are and be accepted. I've got some ideas. Let's figure this out.

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Welcome to Clarity Counselling

Sometimes life presents us with difficulties that are tough to manage or resolve on our own. Sometimes we need to ask for help in order to find Clarity to move forward.

One of the most important and beautiful qualities of life is to be understood.
We are by nature, complicated beings with a lifetime of stories and experiences.

Perhaps today is the day that you decide to take that first brave step towards discovering the stronger you.

Learn what I have to offer from browsing this site.

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